Saturday, June 20, 2009

June 20, 2009

Hello! My name is Nicole, I am 23 years old and I’m here to share my story as well as help my CHD Youth Family in any way possible.

Please note I am not opposed to discussing any suggested issues dealing with CHD youth. My definition of "youth" is between the ages of 11 – 25. However I will not turn you away if you are younger or older than that.

I will begin my blogging hobby with explaining my title, listing topics I will be discussing as I go, and ending with my personal medical information. Enjoy! :)

My passion lies within the title, “With CHD, Life Still Happens.”

What I mean by “Life Still Happens” is survivors of Congenital Heart Defects are born into this world faced with the same pressures and fears, looked past as a teenager, and made fun of in school for whatever reason, just like everyone else.

We are also still students, just like our peers, who attempt to manage the daily stresses of balancing academic success, family and social life. We are also still people who survive the topics that I will be listing below. However, most of us CHDers also have severe health issues to keep in the back, middle, or front of our minds throughout our lives.

I will be focusing on my personal experiences of what it’s been like to live through and observe certain struggles while living with Congenital Heart Disease and continuously putting it on the “back burner,” until now.

Here is a brief overview of topics I will be discussing:

· Physical, sexual and verbal abuse
· Divorce
· Losing loved ones
· Family alcohol and drug abuse
· Personal alcohol and drug abuse
· Sexual Activity
· Smoking Cigarettes
· Depression
· Anxiety
· Body Image Issues
· Self-mutilation
· Suicide
· Peer pressure
· Academic Issues
· Jobs
· Where to Hide my “Handicapped” Sign in my car?
· The List goes on…

I will dive deeper into each category, which will include my personal experiences relating to the above topics.

*Please note I am not a medical professional, certified mental health or substance abuse counselor, or anything that you may need a college degree or that matter, because I am not there yet!*

I am here to share my story and stress to my CHD Youth Family the importance of reaching out for help. If you are struggling with any issue, and I mean ANY issue that has made you feel depressed, suicidal, and/or like you want to hurt yourself and/or others, you do not have a person you feel comfortable talking to, or would just like a second (unprofessional) opinion,
ask me! Don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail (at bottom of page), sharing your story and asking a few questions.

Feel free to remain anonymous! However, please state your age, sex and heart defect(s) in order to help me help you!

ABOUT ME: Born on November 16, 1985 in Dayton, Ohio.
My Defects:
My Current Medications:
· Aspirin (81mg) Enteric coated to protect your stomach!
· Zoloft (100mg) Depression / PTSD
· Ativan (.5mg) Severe Anxiety
· COQ10 Supplement for Heart Health
· Omega 3 Supplement for Healt

My Heart Surgeries:
· Main Pulmonary Artery Banding (12-18-85)
· Blalock-Hanlon Atrial Septectomy (5-16-86)
· Fenestrated Fontan Procedure (6-28-89)
*All surgeries took place at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio by Dr. Warren Bailey*

Now tell me about you!


Thank you for reading!


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